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Finally finished painting Ethan. YAY! and I added his favorite stuffed doggy ‘Pug’ into the portrait. I hope you all like it because I think it’s one of my best. :)

Ethan - Painting Process

Ethan - High Res



  1. Nice! Looks like you know what you’re doing. What medium is this? Airbrush?

    I’m currently working on a painting that is 4 portrains in one, acrylic, but I’m not as skilled as you. Mine’s coming out as four people who look creepily similar to the people they’re supposed do be. :) Oh well.

  2. Nice! I immediately recognized Ethan, and I’ve only seen him once or twice! Continue to amaze and delight, Mista Chan!

    BTW, thanks for the blogroll props! If you need help working with RSS or porting over to a self-hosted WordPress blog at any point, lemme know!

  3. BTW, linked to your blog from mine as well.

  4. Haha. That’s great work. It’s Mini Diesel!

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