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Post man just came and dropped off a package for me from At first, I’m thinking….”I didn’t order anything from ToyGlobe” and then I remembered that my lovely sister Colleen had told me I’d be getting my birthday present in the mail. Yes, my birthday was a month ago on Dec 29th… haha. another delayed toy. None the less, I was in for a surprise. Let’s see how well my sister-in-law did on choosing toys for me. I’m one picky bastard. hahaha. I opened the box and what do I see??!? Gunslinger Spawn from series 27 and Mandarin Spawn from Series 28!! At first, i’m like Wow! She did mad research. Not only are these toys bad ass looking, but they are super Rare. Gunslinger is usually marked up 4 times from the original price since it has been discontinued for a few years now. Now, to add 2 new Spawn figures to my McFarlane toy collection, where to put them…. =_= I definitely need to get more shelves from IKEA… anywho, Thanks Lil Sis for the awesome toys. You Rock!

Gunslinger (Extremely hard to find)


Mandarin Spawn




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