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Was chatting with my boy Justin and talking about anime and I got the idea of posting my all time Faves and I’m even going to link it to the first episode so you all can start watching!!!! Personally, I prefer English sub over English Dub but I couldn’t find the links to all the original Japanese language vids. If your’e lazy u’ll prolly like Eng Dub. haha. Still good though. Also, some of the Veoh links you will need to register to view it since they are 18+ and you will have to disable family filter. I also linked them to Anime News Networks reviews. Wheeee! :) Enjoy!

DEATHNOTE! – This series is amazing. Killing someone by writing their name in a Notebook. Wtf?! haha. This Eng Dub is actually really good. – Video LinkReviews

Claymore – Girls with big swords. What more do you want? :) Eng Sub – Video LinkReviews

Last Exile – 19th century plus Anti-Gravity devices equals Awesome. Eng Dub.. not as good as Eng Sub but good – Video LinkReviews

Berserk – Still one of the best manga series to ever make it to Anime. Unfortunately, you need to get the manga to continue the story. But the anime alone is so worth the ride. Eng Sub – Video LinkReviews

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad – This series inspired me to buy my first guitar! I love this anime. Can’t find Eng Sub or Dub… :( – Video Link – Reviews

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed – I really like the Gundam series. Every series seems to relate well to modern day lives and politics but instead of tanks and planes you have big ass Robotic Suits. I love Mecha! Good stuff. Eng Sub – Video LinkReviews

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – The newest of the Gundam series. I am liking this one so far. Eng Sub – Video LinkReviews

God there is so many more anime I want to list but this is tiring. I’ll have to do it in another post at another date. haha. Have fun watching! :)



  1. Hey, you should really check out Macross Frontier (Macross F). They did a pilot episode on Christmas Day last year. It was subbed all over the place (not that I need subs, ha ha!) The actual series is supposed to start in March. The mech designs are completely badass and the story seems good, too.

  2. Sweet. I’ll check it out Al. :)

  3. Yeah death note is the shizz. Not sure about Macross, i haven’t seen it. That is one of those series they should let go anime wise. I think it would be a kick ass live action movie though. Make the Lord of the ring ppl product that. Like the next starwars it will bomb. Especially now the special effect can be done well.

  4. No, Macross F is too good. It’s probably the best one in the entire series. Speaking of live action, Death Note live action is awesome.

  5. I finally got a hold of Macross F. Seems like only 1 episode has been released so far. I think the rest of the series will air in March or something. And yeah, Death Note anything is freakin Awesome! hahaha.

  6. death note keeeeeeeRennnn abis dech!!!!!!!!!

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