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Category Archives: Artwork

I’ve been tag surfing recently and have seen a lot of Tiger paintings from Atelier’s Blog. It got me thinking of this new concept sketch. heehee. I love drawing Tigers myself. Just thought i’d post a few of my older stuff here. I’m going to sketch up the new one that is in my head at the moment and hopefully finish painting it by this weekend. I actually have a few sketches that I have yet to paint…. dang, I’m soo lazy… ugh. =_=.

Yes…this is a drawing of a Goatman. haha.



Here is the Tigrus warrior. :P




Finally finished painting Ethan. YAY! and I added his favorite stuffed doggy ‘Pug’ into the portrait. I hope you all like it because I think it’s one of my best. :)

Ethan - Painting Process

Ethan - High Res

Here is the piece I did of my wife, Van.  She rocks my world! :)

Van - High Res

Only 3 hours put in though, I may go back and put in more details. Originally started out as a sketch just for fun and then decided to add color.

Another new digital painting. I call this one ‘Fur’. I know, I’m soooo original with these names. haha. (-_^)

Fur - Painting Process

Fur - High Res
Reference Photo

Here is a new digital piece I did in Corel Painter X. I named it Leaf, go figure… haha. Comments and critiques are welcome. (^_^)b

Leaf - Painting Process

Leaf - High Res

Reference Photo