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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Post man just came and dropped off a package for me from At first, I’m thinking….”I didn’t order anything from ToyGlobe” and then I remembered that my lovely sister Colleen had told me I’d be getting my birthday present in the mail. Yes, my birthday was a month ago on Dec 29th… haha. another delayed toy. None the less, I was in for a surprise. Let’s see how well my sister-in-law did on choosing toys for me. I’m one picky bastard. hahaha. I opened the box and what do I see??!? Gunslinger Spawn from series 27 and Mandarin Spawn from Series 28!! At first, i’m like Wow! She did mad research. Not only are these toys bad ass looking, but they are super Rare. Gunslinger is usually marked up 4 times from the original price since it has been discontinued for a few years now. Now, to add 2 new Spawn figures to my McFarlane toy collection, where to put them…. =_= I definitely need to get more shelves from IKEA… anywho, Thanks Lil Sis for the awesome toys. You Rock!

Gunslinger (Extremely hard to find)


Mandarin Spawn




I just got a great deal on an Ebay auction for the Jingai Makyo Chaos Gate – Igunisu figure by Max Factory. Oh the joy! This figure is sold out everywhere! The seller was from China so I guess he prolly stole a few off the assembly line. Haha. The figure is highly detailed and the hair is just Awesome! Anywho, this is what Igunis looks like: Enjoy! :)

Photos courtesy of Danny Choo.







The long awaited Claymore figure Clare No. 47 arrived today. The package was sitting at the door steps when I got home. I was so excited to see it. This figure has been delayed for over a month. Van even pre-ordered it for me sometime early December and was to be released before Christmas. So it’s about 1 month late. I’m so excited. Just took it out of the box. I am posting up a few pics courtesy of Danny Choo, since I don’t have the time to whip out my Rebel XT and snap shots of this thing. haha. I hope they come out with Teresa too. Woohooo! Thanks for the late Christmas/Birthday gift, hun! Love ya! :)





Finally finished painting Ethan. YAY! and I added his favorite stuffed doggy ‘Pug’ into the portrait. I hope you all like it because I think it’s one of my best. :)

Ethan - Painting Process

Ethan - High Res

I just ordered two awesome robo figures from Big Bad Toy Store and they Rock! Just thought I would share my joy and happiness with you all. :) and Thanks babe, for letting me buy them. haha. Here’s what they look like. Ooooo I can’t wait!!!



Giant Robo GR-2:

Giant Robo GR-2

Another Japanese Pop star I came upon recently, Aya Kamiki. Her stuff is pretty poppy but it’s just something about a girl that can rock out on a guitar. hahaha. Even though Van can’t rock out a guitar she can sing damn good. That’s why I love her and anyways, I need someone to sing while I rock my guitar. lol. Love You Babe! :D

Aya Kamiki

I really like her song called “A Constellation“.

Mou Kimidake wo Hanashitari wa Shinai” is also nice. The guitar Rocks!

Also worth checking out “ミセカケのI LOVE YOU

Here is the piece I did of my wife, Van.  She rocks my world! :)

Van - High Res

Only 3 hours put in though, I may go back and put in more details. Originally started out as a sketch just for fun and then decided to add color.

Another new digital painting. I call this one ‘Fur’. I know, I’m soooo original with these names. haha. (-_^)

Fur - Painting Process

Fur - High Res
Reference Photo

Here is a new digital piece I did in Corel Painter X. I named it Leaf, go figure… haha. Comments and critiques are welcome. (^_^)b

Leaf - Painting Process

Leaf - High Res

Reference Photo

Where am I?! WordPress?!?! Yet another site…..dem. I guess it’s a good place to yap about nonsense… (‘=_=)>